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ISP Capability

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Outstanding Image Tuning

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Zoom in-out Technology

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Camera Connectivity

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ISP capability

Essel-T has a capacity of using different types of ISP chips.
Over the years, we have developed different types of an action cam, dash cam, camcorder, CCTV, wearable camera, drone camera, and gimbal camera by using different types of ISP chip

Outstanding Image Tuning Technology

AF (Auto Focusing)

Optical system uses a sensor, a control system and a motor to focus on an automatically or manually selected point or area.

AWB (Auto White Balance)

The process that the camera uses to remove color casts produced by these different color temperatures.

AE (Auto Exposure)

The process that the camera uses to remove color casts produced by these different color temperatures.

Zoom Camera System

Essel-T has the technology of Zoom lens Control
from 10 to 52X with zoom-in and zoom-out lens driver.
We also developed 3.5X zoom 4K with AF Control maximum 33X zoom

Camera connectivity

Real-time Remote Viewer

Connect device between Camera and Mobile device to control remotely

Mobile App Connect

Application to transfer images shot with compatible cameras to smartphone or tablet

LTE&5G Network Camera System

TV Live streaming up to 4K @30fps UHD Video 5G MTP Module camera streaming application

Gimbal Solution

Our Gimbal solution provides highly featured design and integrated control system

Precise 3 Axis Motor Design

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Advanced Gimbal Algorithm

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Gimbal Integrated Camera

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Precise 3-Axis Motor Design

FOC Base
Specialized in FOC (Field Oriented Control)

Development to Manufacturing
BLDC motor design, gimbal system design, and manufacturing experience

World First Waterproof
Essel-T developed world first waterproof 3-axis gimbal with Bluetooth remote In 2015

High Precision Motor Control System
With overwhelming stable gimbal Precision motor control

Advance Gimbal Algorithmm

PID Algorithm
A traditional motor control algorithm
Control up to 0.2 degree
Weak at an outside factor like wind

ADRC Algorithm
Active Disturbance Rejection Control
More precise control up to 0.02 degree
Higher stability and robustness than PID

Gimbal Camera Solution

3-Axis gimbal stabilizer integrated 4K video camera

REMOVU K1 is gimbal integrated camera supporting 4K,
HD, time laps, slow motion
With app connection, live streaming
With A-12 Ambarella sensor 1/2.3 CMOS Sensor and
ADRC precisely controlled algorithm



Competitive production cost via Vietnam facility

Essel-T is specialized in Lens, and camera module

Integrated production system And class 10 grade clean room

Well made product with Strictly controlled quality

About us

Our philosophy

Essel-T has professionally developed gimbal cameras and has 10 years of experience camera solutions and gimbal.

Essel-T does GIMBAL Solution with ADRC ALGORITHM and PID ALGORITHM with sophisticated 3-axis motor control technology which are the core of gimbal.

Essel-T offers CAMERA  solutions tailored to customer’s needs.
We do sophisticated design capabilities for 33x zoom lens,  Autofocusing, AWB and Auto exposure as well as customized lens and module design.

Our own OEM / ODM production facility is equipped and specialized with a camera and lens various ranges of DRONE, SECURITY, MOBILE, MEDICAL, MOBILE AND ACTION CAM.
Essel-T provides TOTAL CAMERA SOLUTION  from planning and development to production.

Essel-T thinks one step ahead.
Our experts make you best satisfaction in all field for the camera gimbals, camera, and software
We think of the customer’s needs first.

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